What Our Clients Have to Say


β€œAt the fourth month mark my wife Sarah and I hit rock bottom. We had a beautiful, healthy boy but none of us were sleeping enough and Sarah and I just couldn't do it anymore: we needed help. We called our birth-doula, Dakota Dawson, and she immediately put us in touch with her colleague Rhiannon Wescott. Rhiannon spent 72 hours living with us and helping our little one learn how to sleep independently. She is a miracle worker. Within three nights our son was reliably sleeping from 7pm-6am with just a dream feed at 9:30. She helped get him off all of the sleep crutches that we had introduced: pacifier, swaddle, snuggle-me pillow, etc. Now he sleeps on his own, sucks his own thumb, knows how to self sooth, and we're all doing so much better. Simply put, this was the best money we've ever invested in our lives. Rhiannon is incredible. She's kind, knowledgable, patient, and confident. We trusted her instantly and have recommended her to all of our friends with little ones at home. β€œ - E. Gray